Trying Something New

I absolutely LOVE that Levi wanted to try something new for his birthday!

He received a paint ball gun for christmas and hasn’t even had the opportunity to shoot it let alone be shot by one, yet he wanted a PAINT BALL WAR for his birthday party!

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It was amazing watching all the kids go to war not knowing what it was going to be like to be shot up with paint balls! None of them had been paint balling before. We had 9 kids and a hand full of adults participate. We caution taped off over 1,000 feet of our property as the paint ball arena. It definitely wasn’t the easiest terrain. Uphill for some, through brush and over rocks. It created lots of hiding places and cover from fire. We split everyone into teams and let them have at it!

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All of the kids had so much fun. When the first kids were getting shot I was surprised that there was no crying and that they wanted to continue! We had some adults join (also some of which who had never been shot or shot a paint ball gun before) and I think every one was quite astonished at how much fun it really is!

I too participated even though I’m supposed to be doing nothing. I’ve done nothing for the past 3 weeks and was sitting on the sidelines just helping kids and taking photos. I just couldn’t resist trying it out. Yes….getting shot hurts! Not too bad though, not bad enough to never do it again. I can’t wait until im all healed up after surgery so we can really go at it as a family!


There was also water balloons filled with paint and water. Thank goodness for that, the day was a hot one! The kids loved being able to throw paint at each other.

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The home-made pinata!

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And of course cake and presents!

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Levi has said this was his best birthday by far! I love hearing that! I’m sure he’s already pondering what he will do next year.

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Another successful party! I didn’t hurt myself, (if you don’t count getting shot by paint balls) other than the paint ball part I did relatively nothing compared to what I usually do at our parties. It was weird to not being doing much.

Until the next one!


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