Traveling With Monsters

I travel a lot. Not always far but sometimes we are always in the car. My kids are so used to just being in the car they don’t ask “when are we gonna be there?” The whole week of vacation we drove all over the desert. Then yesterday I schlepped them to Orange County to visit family. They don’t mine being in the car but they hate being away from home all the time!

I have found a few things that have helped me with road trips wbether be gar or only 45 minutes.

Lots of Snacks- I pack a snack bag with snacks seperated for both kids and lota of water. I used to keep the bag with me and hand them to the kids but now I jist give them the whole bag and let them go at it. Snacks are a must!

Movies- Luckily I have TV in the car and we always change the movies out every road trip so they are watching something different all the time. Recently it has been the entire Batman collection.

Electronic Devices- My kids are the generation of tablets, IPOD, IPAD, Leapster. If you want any peace (besides the movie) you bring them. Making sure there’s one for each kid to ensure no fighting.

A Whip or Something Similar – One time my kids were acting up. Fighting and yelling while I was trying to drive. I found a beef stick and just started swinging in the back. They stopped right away and I didn’t even make contact. They probably thought I was crazy. A fly swatter, horse whip or beef stick. All of these things will work great!

Ignore- I have learned to ignore the fighting and he said, she said bull crap. I can’t always fix everything or be flailing a whip around the car. It might even be an argument I should probably intervene in but I just ignore. They eventually figure it out and I didn’t have to stress out while driving to fix anything.

Sing and Dance- We do this like weirdos and laugh at each other. The love 70’s and 80’s music!

I Think I See- We play I think I see or I spy with my little eye. They are basically the same. The kids are cheaters and always change what they see but it’s still fun and passes some time.

I like driving with my kids and road tripping all over. They are good in the car most of the time and I have my snacks, devices and movies to thank for that! Don’t stress when traveling anywhere. Make it easy for yourself and bring some snacks!

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