Traveling Up The Coast

Another wonderful day of traveling yesterday!

We went to the Oregon Vortex outside of Grants Pass. It is a natural phenomenon place where weird things happen. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the area or just look it up to see what it’s all about.

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It is said that back in the day (1800’s) no horse would even go through this small area. Animals are not seen there even now. Only along the outside of the barrier. It is based on the north magnetic pull. So things are bigger or smaller in that area because your mass changes. The bottles and balls all rolled up hill! Crazy! The kids dug this place. They refer to it as the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls, a cartoon my kids watch. Naturally they were all into it and talked about the show the entire time we were there.

From here we back tracked a little and headed on up the Oregon coast to my Aunts. We finally saw some wild animals. A whole herd of Elk and a whale! It was amazing. We are still waiting to see the bears, Bigfoots and wild cats!

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I can’t believe how many bridges there has been since we crossed over into Oregon! There seems to be a bridge in every town! These are only some of them. After we continued to see them I decided to start photographing them. Some are amazing!

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We arrived to a lovely welcome at my Aunts where all of my cousins came to see us! Great food, Great family and even better memories! So excited to be spending a few days here then hitting the road again to see what else we can see!

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