Travel Tips With Kids

We have sort of got this flying thing down.

We travel back and forth from California a lot and some other places in between. I seem to always choose the midnight flights, as they are the cheapest. Every once in a while I will get lucky with a cheap day time flight but that has been on rare occasion. Since traveling so much with kids, I have some tips and tricks to help you out and make flying a breeze. Even with a moody teenager.

Always pack light. What you think the kids will need, they probably won’t need. If you can’t pack light, check your bag. It’s much easier to not be worried about getting your bag on and off the plane and keeping an eye on your kids even if they are old enough to be helpful. It’s other people you need to worry about. Pack in back packs whenever possible and stow them under the seat in front of you instead of over top. You don’t need to wait for anyone to get out of your way and it’s much quicker.

Bring food! As much food and snacks as you can fit in the bag, bring it. You can bring all kinds of food items with you, you just can’t bring liquid. Bring all your kids favorite snacks and whatever healthy crap you eat because you aren’t going to find it at the airport.

Bring some sort of activity. We bring Uno cards, paper/activity books and crayons and gel pens. Sitting in the terminal and on the plane we can utilize all of it and have fun.

Books/Tablets. I am the one to read a book but I have the kids bring one just in case they decide they are bored enough. They usually just watch a movie on the tablet or play their small electronic devices until they die. I don’t bring a battery for them, only for me. haha

Headphones. No one else wants to hear the movies your kids are watching or the games your kids are playing. I don’t even want to hear what my own kids are watching. Bring headphones.

The only thing I plan on buying at the airport is water. My kids know this. We bring everything else and eat a meal before we go there.

Instead of a neck pillow, bring a blanket. You can squish it up around your neck, put it on the tray table and lay forward and cover up when you are cold. It has many more uses than the neck pillow but can be used as the neck pillow itself. Plus, it can cover all of us!

Don’t bring a purse. It’s just an extra bag. Consolidate your things and bring what’s important in your back pack. If you absolutely have to bring a purse, bring a small one.

I am no expert traveler. I just happen to travel quite often recently with my kids and have found ways that make it much easier than our first go round.

Happy Traveling!



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