Top Mommy

Everyday when I wake up I have a routine. Get up, feed animals, work out, fix myself up, make some coffee and blog. It’s become part of my life, my blog. Just like my journals.

When I was accepted to be a part of Top Mommy Blogs I was ecstatic and overjoyed! I never thought after starting this blog that I’d be a part of something so big!

I know sometimes what I write about is a bunch of bull shit and none sense and other times it’s about my family but it is something that I love.

Everyday that I write a blog, whether it be none sense or not, I am one step closer to achieving a goal I didn’t even realize I had until I started writing it. That is getting published. Getting published in a magazine, website or newspaper. YOU can make that happen for me. With just a click on an icon whether you’re actually reading my blog or not. Although I hope you are. You can make it happen by sharing my blog with your friends and family.

Today I am so close to achieving this goal! I see you all reading my blog (it tells me how many people,not who) and I am overwhelmed that I even have that many readers! Now if that many people could be clicking to vote for me I’d be one stylin’ “published” babe!

I will now have this new Icon/Banner on my blogs along with my signature!

Thank you all for your continued support and showing me that bloggin love!



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