To Puke Or Not To Puke!?

Apparently there is a bug going around the public school here that involves vomiting and diarrhea. Flu like symptoms. That sounds like it would be so much fun! Especially since my kids have belt testing for Krav Maga this weekend and our family christmas party is this weekend and we will have over 50 people here.

Not to mention, when Delylah gets a fever she inevitably has febrile seizures.

Yes, this may be drastic but I have decided that with all we have going on Delylah won’t be going to school the rest of this week and we will have to see about next week. She was not happy when I told her but her health is important as well as ours. Fortunately for her she can do her Compass Math at home and other class work that we have accumulated all the while working on her reading.

Lucky for my kids I’m a stay at home, home school mom!

So hopefully this sickness will bypass us and we won’t have to deal with seizures, vomiting or shitting our pants!

Wash your hands and hope you don’t get it either. If it’s here, it’s where you live too!


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