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My house is always clean. Or appears that way. The only time it’s not clean is when we are having a get together or party. When people first come to my house they exclaim how clean it is. It is clean, not because I am a clean freak, but because I do not like things to be unorganized. I will never find anything. I don’t spend all my time cleaning. In fact, I clean only little bits each day which leave my house looking as if I spent hours on it. Here are some tricks and tips I use to keep my house “appearing” clean.

The biggest thing in the house is what I try to keep clean. The floors. When the floors are clean and take up 90% of your house, it has to look clean. Try it. Make sure you keep the floors clean and I swear you will feel like all of your house is that much cleaner!

I keep my counters wiped off. Just takes a paper towel and some windex or the sponge with some dish soap and less than 5 minutes. Easy right!?

I make sure beds are made. When you walk in a room and the bed is made, it just seems more straightened up. Even if there’s stuff on the floor and all over the dressers.

I have kids. I make them clean the inside of the toilets at least 2x a week. They use them, they can make sure there isn’t poo stains and streaks in them. I will clean the rest of them once a week or so.

If no one can see it, they don’t know it’s messy. I use my closet and put random stuff in it. Just like every other closet in the house. I will remember I put it there someday but for now, the house appears cleaner.

I don’t worry about dust. No one I know is coming over with a white glove to see just how dirty we are.

My kids don’t have toys in their rooms. Believe me this helps their rooms appear cleaner as well! There is never toys all over.

The toy room on the other hand gets destroyed! But it has a door I can shut and really, that’s what it’s for. So the kids can play and dump every toy bucket out all over and I can just shut the door.

So, I don’t spend all my time cleaning. Or even a quarter of my time cleaning. I just make sure the most important things stay clean. I don’t stress over it. Try a couple of these (you don’t have to do any of them everyday) and I promise you feel as if your house is cleaner!

Happy Tuesday My Friends



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