Time For An Adventure

Today Travis and I embark on a little adventure. We are heading off to Seattle for 5 days to get some much needed alone time and re charge our batteries.  Staying at a spa/resort and doing a minimal amount of sight seeing has me excited! We usually go somewhere new and just go, go, go. It’s going to be so nice to relax.

This is the longest we have ever left the kids and it’s also the furthest we have gone without them. I know they will have a blast though and that they are in good hands.

I planned and booked this trip last week. It happened so fast but I knew I wanted to go and do something without kids and somewhere we had never been. I think Travis was surprised when I all of a sudden booked us a trip. But with his job being stressful with the upcoming transfer, the kids up my butt driving me nuts with their attitudes and dramatics, I just wanted to do something for us….for me!  A little selfish but sometimes you have to be selfish for your own happiness. This time I’m putting myself first. I don’t know for how long but at least for the moment.

We are off on an Adventure!

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