TidBits Or Confessions?

As I was putting on my bra yesterday or taking it off, I can’t remember which, I had a thought about a post. A sort of confession/about me. Tidbits that I don’t really mention but after I thought about them, what harm would come from mentioning them? Absolutely none. It might make someone laugh or feel better because they do it too. Or it might make you all think I’m a crazy person with too much access to a computer.

I’ll start with my initial reason for thinking of this.

As I was putting on my bra it occurred to me, I am 33 and still have to clasp my bra in the front and then spin it around. I can not, for the life of me, clasp it in the back. Anyone else??

I am a pimple popper. If I see a pimple on me, the kids or Travis, I will pop it. You better not let me see it if you don’t want me to pop it.

The obsession with scrubbing my feet with a pumice stone, lotioning them up at night and covering them with socks, started a few years back. I felt as though I was getting feet like my grandma. Dry, cracked and rough. That is not what I wanted. I started scrubbing them every night. Covering them with lotion and socks before bed. Now I have beautiful soft, never a crack in them feet!

↑ This is because I don’t wear shoes. I either wear flip-flops or nothing.

We have a bedtime routine and I am so grateful that we started it when Levi was little. It made it easier when Delylah was born. My kids go to bed at 8pm on school nights with no issues. They just go to sleep. It’s heavenly!

We have birthday parties and get togethers. I am terrible at sending Thank You notes. I want to and think about it but it doesn’t get done. I “said” the words when I saw you, doesn’t that count? I just know, receiving a Thank You in the mail is nice.

I have 2 kids. I don’t have a favorite. I love them both equally and when I dislike them, I dislike them both equally. If I had more than 2 kids, I think I would have a favorite.

Do you have a favorite kid? Mom, (I know you’re reading this) who is your favorite??

I feel like losing my shit is a stress reliever. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does happen, I feel better. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Unfortunately, my kids have been pretty good and I don’t have to lose my shit.

When people asked me what I did for work I would feel a twinge as I replied with “I’m just a stay at home mom.” I loved being able to say “I stay home and run a ranch,” but those days are gone. Now, I’m still a stay at home mom but I no longer feel the twinge when I answer. That comes later, when I am asked what hobbies I have or what I like to do and I’m required to dig deep and think about what it is I really like to do, even if it’s not what I am doing…. I’m a mom. My life consists of cleaning (because I am proud to have a clean house), trips to school and making sure my pubescent tweenager is at least trying to get his shit together, doctor/dentist appointments for the family, yard work, yoga, bills, fixing up the house one step at a time, writing, after school sports and activities, making meals, learning more about essential oils and making my own blends. There is more but that requires that digging deep thing I had mentioned. Those are partly my hobbies and partly my job. I don’t know. This subject needs some pondering…

I don’t watch much T.V. My kids watch so much T.V that it’s enough for our whole family. I do love a good movie and having movie night but I never sit and just watch T.V. I don’t have a show and when the kids are gone and it’s just me, the T.V is never even on. I think I could live without cable, Netflix, all of it. Give me a DVD player and a T.V and I’d be good.

Anyone feel the same?

Happy Friday My Friends


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