Three Generations Of Happy Fathers!

Waking up and it’s Fathers Day. My kids dad is not here. Which is normal because of his job. Thinking back I don’t know how many Fathers Days he’s actually even been home for. He misses a lot…Not just Fathers Day. Something I know a lot of us go through. Whether it be military, oilfield, doctor, a traveling job. For that reason and many others, I have a lot of good things to declare about him.

Being a father doesn’t mean you have to be there all time. My experience has definitely taught me that. It means the time you do have with them should be well spent. There is a difference. For every parent, not just the father, this takes time to learn. I am gratified that I have a husband that does this.

He not only supports our family financially but emotionally. If anyone knows us between the kids and I we are crazy, emotional, opinionated, stubborn little ass holes. It’s good to have someone behind us even though he sometimes doesn’t agree with everything we say or do!

We believe he can do anything! If something is broken and I mean anything, we believe he can fix it. If something has to be done we believe he can do it! He has taught me that about myself. Anyone can do anything if they really want to. Even if you think you don’t know how or you’re not strong enough to get the job done. You are. You can do it! There is always a way!

He is a great father to our kids and he is a wonderful husband.

That is not to say I don’t have a great Father. I do! He would do anything I ever asked of him. He helps me when I need it. He loves his grandkids more than life itself! When I was growing up he taught me things I find myself teaching my kids even though I grew up saying I never wanted to be like my parents! One of the most important things in my life I learned from him was HONESTY! That it doesn’t matter how bad the truth is, the lie is always worse. I am spewing that to my kids on the daily and they get it!!!

My dad and I have gone through a lot and come out closer than ever!

Then there is my dads dad. My grandpa. The Superman! The strength of our family. He is no longer with us physically. He was the most amazing man ever! The man I compare all other men to. You want to be a real man? Well my grandpa was.  (luckily my husband is a lot like him) He taught me how to clean belive it or not. How to balance a check a book, have good credit, take care of my house, my car, myself and my life! How to be a good worker. How to deal with employees and other people in general. He was an amazing man of business and detail! I spent a good 4 or 5 years with him and my grandma consistently and would never take that back for a second. The life lessons that he taught me will go on forever as I am teaching them to my kids.

He is the reason my kids have such a good father. Being with him I knew what I needed to look for in a real man!

So Happy Fathers Day to all you MEN out there!


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