This Morning….

I didn’t think it was my alarm making that noise. I laid my head back down but only for a moment. The realization that it was mine came quickly and my day had begun! I felt like I had just fallen asleep but I know better. There were no dreams filling my head last night. Only the sounds of Delylah coughing and the animals running about as if they own the place.

I get out of my bed and walk to the  bathroom, still having a hard time believing it’s time for me to be up. Looking in the mirror I see the disheveled mess left over from last night. Splashing my face with cold water, hoping to wake myself up more and look a little better didn’t help as much as I thought it would. The water came out warm….

As I try to get my cup of coffee in me, I watch as Travis gets his things ready for another week of work. He is bright-eyed and ready to face the world this morning! Looking at him, I tell myself a few things. How did I get so lucky to have someone work so hard for us and I know other people are awake right now too, right?

When he goes to leave, Jack appears to protect us from the intruder that just opened the garage. Finding out it was Travis leaving had him excited and exhausted all at the same time. I knew all too well how the poor dog was feeling. I too had the feelings this morning. I watched as the headlights backed out of the driveway knowing that our days would be equally long.

Then I began to write….

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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