Things No Parent Takes For Granted

Being a parent makes you appreciate the little things in life.

Doesn’t matter what they are: A hot cup of coffee, a tiny “I love you”, A moment of silence.

We cherish these things because we live pretty chaotic lives with kids, animals, husbands, houses, responsibilities.

It is possible that when my kids are grown I won’t have the same appreciation for these moments. But until then here are a few things I don’t take for granted right now.

1. The sound of silence- Once you pop out those little monsters your whole world gets a whole lot noisier! They are constant: laughing, yelling, screaming, fighting, whinning, running around like crazy monsters. Plus all their T.V, tablets, video games and other crap they’ve got going on. At some point during everyday it gets quiet. They are sleeping or out of some miracle just quiet. I revel in this moment. It is amazing!

2. Riding in a car without kids- I ride in the car with my kids a lot. It’s not that bad. But I’m always being asked “can you hand me that”, “Can you get me this,” “He touched me,” “She hit me.” That is never ending. We also have a t.v in the car so it’s always “change the movie or turn it up.” But without them in the car I can have silence or listen to music and not worry about who wants what or who is touching who. I can just drive!

3. A good night’s sleep- Now that my kids are older they sleep soo good! I chose to have them 5 years apart….maybe not a good idea. Once the one was sleeping good I popped out another and had to be up all night all over again. Finally though, sleep. All night long. And it is so good!

4. Going to the store alone- I rarely get to do this but when I do it is amazing! I can go down every aisle if I want. I can get what I want and not be asked why can’t they get something. I don’t feel like I have to be in a hurry. You have seen other people in the store taking their time, reading labels. You know why? They left their kids at home!

5. Uninterrupted Bathroom time- Again this is rare but whether it’s a shower or just using the toilet without an audience I feel like it’s a luxury!

6. Eating without constant interruptions- There is a reason parents have date nights. They may not be often (they should be) but you get to eat your food while it’s still warm. Talk to your husband without interruptions. You don’t have to help anyone else eat except for yourself.

7. A clean room- Any room will do. When it’s clean savor that moment. It may not last long. In fact I know it won’t. It won’t be terribly dirty but all of sudden it will need to be “picked up” again because a tiny human simply passed through it.

Being an adult is hard. Being a parent is even harder. These are not huge accomplishments but they are small victories that no parent takes for granted. Or at least they shouldn’t. We would go crazy without them.

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