Things Moms Would Never Say No To

When you become a parent the days can start to seem very long. From babies that never sleep to elementary aged kids that have extra curriculars after school. The always busy parent is taking kids places, cleaning up, working, making meals and much more. It could be made easier if only someone would offer these few suggestions. Suggestions that most moms would never say no to.

Twenty minutes of stopped time where everyone else is in suspended animation.

Someone saying “I will hold the baby while you_____”

Someone who will quietly get up with the kids and bring us coffee in bed without expecting it in return.

A car detailing- Opening that car door to find your always on the go crap always in there can get old.

A shower without a limit or interruptions!

Someone who offers to the dishes after dinner.

Alone Time- You don’t have to threaten any parent with a good time. They will gladly take it.

A girls weekend- Someone needs to offer me this…STAT!

If someone was offering you these things, which would you pick?





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