Things I’m Loving

Here are some things I am loving right now!!
Our Electric Pencil Sharpener.

pencil sharpener

Without this and doing homeschool I might have died with the amount of pencils we have already had to sharpen! It has been a life saver. Plus it is just awesome to use!
My Kuerig!


It only makes one cup at a time which is enough for me. I start it before I start my blog so I can enjoy my nice cup of coffee while I blog!
My prescription Micheal Kors Sunglasses


My prescription recently changed and I didn’t change it in my sunglasses. I am so happy I didn’t because it has been bothering me in my regular glasses. So I have been wearing my sunglasses a lot more to take some pressure off my eyes and my head. Definitely loving them!
West Coast Krav Maga
This is where my kids practice martial arts and learn to be more respectful, responsible, how to preserver, have courage in a bad situation, be courteous and it has helped in so many other ways. They both say “yes ma’am, thank you ma’am, no thank you ma’am” or sir. Mostly to me but it’s been a good start and an awesome learning experience for all of us!
My Bogs


These are rain boots made out of wet suit material and they are my all over the ranch, shit kicker boots. I can go in the pig pen, climb through the pig pucky and not one drop of anything will be inside my boots. The wet suit material is odor protecting as well so as much as my feet sweat in them they never stink. I love these boots right now. I have been in the pig pen almost every day. Without these boots it would have been torcher on my other shoes and boots! If you don’t have a pair you should look into them. They are awesome rain/mud boots!
Brussel Sprout Salad


I love Brussel sprouts and never thought to eat them raw. I recently tried a Brussel sprout salad and absolutely loved it! With Kale, Red cabbage, Bean and Alfalfa Sprouts and Dried Cranberries! So Delish!
These are just a few things I am loving right now.
What are you loving?
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