Things I’m Loving Right Now

It is another beautiful day. For now anyways. The rain will be hitting us soon enough. As I sit here in the quiet I have time to think about a few things I’m loving right now.

Bamboo Socks

They are so soft and warm. Breathable, odorless and organic!


Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art

It goes on quick. Makes doing your make up super fast and looks great!


My Glasses

These are the most comfortable glasses I have had yet! They fit perfect. I don’t have to push them up constantly. Go Gucci!


Bobs from Skechers

I have a pair of Toms but my Bobs are far more comfortable and far more affordable! It’s a win win!


Scent Portables from Bath and Body Works

They make my car smell so good. My car needs that with the amount food that gets spilled and left in there. It smells terrible! The elephant is just a major plus. He’s cute and I love elephants!

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What are you loving right now?


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