Things I’m Loving

As Winter Break for the kids is coming to an end and this morning is quite relaxed, I have time to reflect on the things that I am in love with recently. Besides my family and friends.

Pirate Flux

It’s a card game with ever-changing rules and it’s a lot of fun! The kids and I have been playing everyday. It’s easy enough for Delylah and fun enough for Levi and us adults!

My New Diffuser

It has different settings and has a light that changes colors every few seconds. I use it everyday and love the wood look!

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Since I had my surgery, it’s been hard for me to push the vacuum or do anything that requires the movement and muscles of my right breast. (Hopefully not for much longer though) We bought this vacuum with gift cards and I love it! It cleans my wood floors and carpet awesome! It’s easy to use and push so the kids can do it too!

Victoria Secret Perfume

Travis got me this for Christmas and I love it. I love the vintage pumper and just using it makes me feel pretty!

Joy Jar

I have had this jar for a couple of years. Now that we are implementing the Joy Jar I found a use for it. By the end of the year, my elephant will be filled with wisdom and memories! Just like a real elephant!

Movie Time

While I don’t have a picture for this one, the kids and I (and Trav when he’s home) have watched the Harry Potter movies during winter break. And everyday before and after has been a different movie. Along with our trips to the movie theater. Cuddling up close, ice cream and popcorn and tons of laughter! The best of times is when we are all together!

What has been pulling at your heart-strings lately?


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