Things I’m Going To Practice

It’s no surprise that I do a lot as a mom. I always thought it was my job. Come to find out, since there is no book or manual you can’t really say what’s in the job description. I have been a maid, short order cook, detective. Just about everything my kids could ever want or need. I’m going to start practicing a more simple approach to this “job.”

I’m not a detective. I’m not responsible for finding things in the house or figuring out who did what. If they lost it, it’s gone and they need to learn to manage their own conflicts between siblings.

I’m not psychic. I don’t think it’s my job to always figure out what my kids want or need. I don’t want to worry about their behavior or if I’m scarring them for life. There are better things to worry about.

I am not a maid. I am the one who takes the time to super clean the house but I don’t think I should have to do that. I do the laundry and clean but to have a sparkling clean house (like I usually do) shouldn’t be a priority for me. My kids have some chores but maybe it’s not enough.

I am not a cook. That’s usually where Travis comes in. I know how to prepare and serve delicious food but I should be doing it for myself not for my kids. They will be perfectly content eating kiss soup or hot dogs if given the choice anyways.

I fight and argue with my kids trying to get them to do things even when I give them a choice. When really it shouldn’t matter.

Are they safe and alive?

Are they dressed in weather appropriate clothes?

Are the fed? Did they get enough sleep?

If they answer is yes to any of that there should be no fight. They are ok. You are doing it right.

I shouldn’t have to lose myself in motherhood everyday. No one should. We don’t have superhuman powers, despite what some people may think. We are just moms. We are just people.


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