Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Parent

No one is an expert at parenting. If they claim to be, we should all go to their house and take notes on what big liars they are because there is just no way that anyone is perfect at this job!

When I first became a parent there were things I swore I would never do. Things I swore I would totally do and things I didn’t think about at all that I should have. I had no idea. I had never been a parent before and books/movies don’t prepare you for the real thing. These are some of those things…

Co-Sleeping- I said the kids would never sleep with us. EVER! They didn’t for the longest time. After we bought our second house and Levi’s bedroom seemed to be eons away, I wanted him closer. I began letting them sleep with me on weekends when Travis was gone. That still happens…And when Delylah is sick is she is always in our bed. So much for never sleeping with us.

Making Separate Meals- I never thought about this one until they were older and were actually eating with us. At that point I thought I would never make them something different from what was actually being made. Until I became a vegetarian and eating less gluten. I wasn’t going to force my family to eat like me and began making separate meals all the time. Now it’s just how we eat and I don’t have a problem with it. Everyone eats, everyone is happy and it doesn’t take me anymore time.

Negotiations- Growing up, my parents were the law. There was no such thing as negotiations! EVER! But sometimes, at the end of a long day, I don’t care if they don’t eat the broccoli or watch another episode of Teen Titans. It’s not going to kill them or me!

Continuing To Do Everything We Do, With The Kids- We like to go on vacation and we like to bring our kids. There are times we don’t bring them but really, we LIKE to bring them. It’s an adventure and an experience for all of us. The crying, the exhaustion, the expensive food they don’t eat. All good times!

Eating Sugar For Breakfast- When they were little I thought they would have healthy cereals and eat oatmeal. Have eggs and toast for breakfast. Ya Right! Here’s a bowl of fruity pebbles that you can make yourself. Hopped up on sugar and ready for the day!

Trying To Control Everything- There was a time when I did try to control everything. I don’t think any of us was very happy! I was constantly stressed and my OCD was through the roof. House had to be spotless and we had to live by our scheduled routine! I was a helicopter and drill sergeant parent. Once I learned to let go, everyone’s happiness came back! I wasn’t on top of them or barking orders anymore. I let my house get dirty knowing I can always clean up tomorrow or when they are asleep. This took a long time.

Letting The Kids Break The Rules- Who would dare to think that their kids would ever break the rules or that a parent would let them do such a thing? Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules and the kids need to know that you are human too. Just be sure to have an ice pack and a shit ton of band aids ready. Broken rules usually come with owies!

At the end of the day nothing is ever permanent. One day none of these things will exist anymore, let alone be permanent habits. The kids will have grown and moved on to their own families and taken some of this with them..maybe. When you’re a parent you realize some habits are not so bad and worth hanging on to for a while. After all, your child won’t always want to cozy up with you at 3:00 a.m. Hopefully though, they’ll stop playing in the toilet before middle school.

Happy Sunday My Friends



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