Things Change In Your 30’s

Yesterday I read an article about how things change when you turn 30. Yes! I read an article! I have time to read things now! Most of the article was accurate but they didn’t mention at all how it changes when you are 30 with kids. I figured I’d enlighten the world. Or at least my readers.

I was 21 when I had my first kid and didn’t even fathom turning 30. Then Travis and I got married and had another baby when I was 26. 30 still seemed a long way off. Now I’m 32 and for the most part, I love it! I have learned a lot about myself and who and how I want to be. But things have changed….

My body is harder to maintain. When I had Levi at 21 I gained 50 pounds! But after I had him it came right off. Seriously. Like stepping out of the shower and the water just started dripping off. With Delylah I gained only 30 pounds and even though I was only 26 I had to work extra hard to take that weight off. By the time I turned 30 I had to start watching what I ate. No more of whatever I want, whenever I want. It just isn’t the same. It started sticking to me. When I turned 30 is when I became a vegetarian. Was loyal for a year and half maybe and then started incorporating little bits of meat here and there. Never a full portion. I have found that meat is my enemy! Even now. For me it wasn’t just turning 30 but having kids too that have affected my body!

I can not just drink anymore. 2 glasses of wine and I wake up with a headache. That never happened before 30. I could drink whatever, whenever and however much I wanted. Granted I wasn’t a big drinker after Levi was born. When I did drink I didn’t feel sick. Now I pay for it with 2 glasses of wine! Thank you 30!

Sleep is different. I never had problems sleeping. At home or on vacations. I had kids and had to wake up with them but was always able to go right back to sleep. Now if I wake up for something you better believe I’m all of a sudden up for the next hour trying to talk myself into falling back to sleep. What is up with that? I know my grandparents didn’t sleep that much but I am not that old yet!

It matters who my friends are. I don’t mean by status. Like the rich girl or pretty girl. I mean the honest, has things in common with me, we laugh together girl. Before I was just friends with everyone. I didn’t care. But after being stepped on, put down, talked about and having kids, I realized the importance of having friends that will be there for you. Help you out and be the shoulder for you to occasionally cry on. This was a good thing about getting older!

In my 20’s I wasn’t into learning about myself. I was just living. Since turning 30 I have cared enough to read a lot about what I like and that has changed a lot over the years. In my 20’s I was afraid of change and to show people what I was about or into. (This is what I think) Turning 30 or maybe even a little before I am more into myself and what I want out of life. I started this blog when I was 30! One of my favorite things.

Kids don’t annoy me. They never really did. I was raised around all my aunts kids and we were just around a lot of kids. But turning 30 I all of sudden had even more patience! I can tune out a argument that’s pretty loud and I can sit and listen to at least 5 kids at once. Not that I will hear everything they all say but I can listen to them without blowing a fuse because they are all talking at once. Something I couldn’t do in my 20’s.

So becoming 30 seems scary when you turn 21 and seems like it’s a long time from there. But it’s really not. It’s actually quite a freeing feeling to be finding yourself. It only takes 30 years and then some. Soon will come 40 and I’m sure I’ll be learning even more about myself. Like what menopause feels like. If I will still like my kids while going through menopause. Maybe my patience will disappear. Maybe it will get even better. Who knows. But for now, I know I like my 30’s!

Embrace Life!



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