They Don’t Clean Themselves

I clean up my house a little bit or sometimes a lot a bit everyday. Having 2 kids and some animals can make for messes. The cats knock over cups of water and vases with flowers. The dog chews up wood from the wood pile for the fire and leaves traces of wood all over. The kids make a different mess in every room! Not to mention what happens in the kitchen every time a meal is made.

I’m a stay at home mom. I home school my oldest. We run a ranch and have tons of animals. Some things I just don’t like to clean up! Especially when I know it’s just going to keep happening…like in 2 minutes after I clean it. Here’s some things I don’t like to do!

Laundry- I just did all the laundry in the house. ALL of it. I hate folding clothes and putting them away. I have separate bins for color, whites and towels. They are all full now and yesterday they were empty! I know we all need clean clothes to wear but come on. If you don’t have enough clothes to make it through the week we have a problem. And stop changing your clothes 2 time a day! Get it together people!

Dusting- Luckily none of the windows open in my house so it doesn’t get that dusty but we still get cob webs all over. I hate dusting them though. For one, I have a big house. For two, I always miss a few somewhere and feel like I have to do it again the next day. So lately I have the kids do the dusting. That way I can’t get mad when they missed all the cob webs. At least they did dust!

 Bedding- There’s a lot of us and I hate doing the bedding. Bunk beds, beds with weird bed frames. It ends up being a work out. Why the hell is their cookies in the bed anyways? It’s for sleeping, not eating. We shower before bed so why is it filled with dirt? Apparently we have a dirty family!

Showers- We have 3 showers here. I like cleaning mine. It’s a bath tub shower (and easy to clean) but the other 2 are walk in showers and they are not small. One is funky shaped as well. Leaning over to clean them isn’t an option. I have to roll up my pants and get in. Then I’m gagging and can’t breath from the smell of the cleaner in such a confined space. They are all tile…even the roofs. Ya, I love getting cleaner in my hair and gagging.

Trash Cans- This is something not everybody does and I know why. What is that smell and where did it come from? I’m going to stick my hand in there and don’t even know what could have been in there, rotting!

Cat Box- I hate, hate, hate cleaning the cat box! I do it everyday though. If I don’t my house will smell like cat shit! UGH! There’s no winning with cats!

Everyone has their own things they don’t like to clean and these are a few of mine. I still clean them but I will wait until the very last minute or until Travis is bitching at me because the trash can stinks or he has no clean laundry.

So here’s to keeping shit clean even though we don’t want to!


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