There Is No Naughty Or Nice

With it being so close to Christmas and in the month of December, I have been seeing a lot of posts about Santa Claus. There are a lot of videos of parents telling their kids they won’t be getting any presents because they are so naughty. That Santa is always watching and they aren’t being good kids so they won’t be getting any presents this year.

I can not say that I have never said to my kids that Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good. I have. But this year with all of these new videos going around and the elf craze is definitely  high this year, my perspective is changing.

These parents say these things but then on Christmas Day their kids most likely still have presents. So they didn’t really teach them anything. Why say it at all? These are lessons that should be taught all year, not at Christmas time.

Christmas isn’t about being bad or good. It’s about giving. If my kids are bad or naughty, I’m still going to give them presents because I want to. It makes me feel good. It’s not about “Santa” watching them to make them be good. Or that stupid elf watching them to report back to Santa of all their wrong doings. Hell, our elf is naughtier than my kids ever are! If you have a routine, rules, or any kind of stability at home, your kids shouldn’t be terrible and needing threats from Santa. My kids fight with each other. Probably every single day. That doesn’t make them bad. That makes them related and living under the same roof, playing with the same things and having an opinion. Being human. Nothing that I need Santa to get in the middle of.

My oldest knows the truth about Santa. That I am carrying on the tradition of Saint Nick. My daughter is still in awe when she receives the letter I type up and every day the elf is in a new place. I don’t tell her the elf is watching her. I don’t tell them that they will get coal if they are bad. They were just fighting yesterday and she hit him over a video game. But that’s what siblings do. Santa is still coming to my house because I have good kids. Threatening them in the moments when they are acting out doesn’t stop it from happening. It doesn’t stop Santa from coming and it certainly doesn’t make them naughty kids.

It is the season of giving. You give because you want to. Because of the feeling it gives you to make someone else smile. It’s not about getting or taking away.

I am excited to give this holiday season. To give my love, my positivity, my smile, my warmth and happiness and my heart!

There is no naughty or nice.

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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