There And Back Again

I don’t think the kids will ever forget their first plane ride!

First mom takes the wrong exit and they both worry that we will be lost forever and miss out flight. Then I stand in the wrong line at the airport for at least 20 minutes. (My bad, they should have more signs)

After all of that scrambling, which seemed to take forever so I understand the kids worry, we were finally at our gate awaiting the arrival our plane. The kids loved watching planes take off and land. They were sucked up against the windows a lot! They see our plane arrive and are ecstatic! They hear over the loud speaker that they will begin boarding and want to immediately line up no matter what I tell them. OK. Then the delay began. There was some elders on that plane that needed extra assistance getting off that took longer than I think anyone expected! My kids were antsy and bored and never wanted to fly again and they hadn’t even gotten on the plane yet!

We finally are able to board and they are super excited once again. The look on their faces when the plane took off was priceless. One of excitement, One of nervousness.

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After we were in the air they were over it and their first flight had lost that “new” feeling.

Once we arrive in Oregon my kids love it there! Running through the trees and playing in the forest. Plus this time there was an extra amount of family there that my kids and I got to spend time with. It was a nice get away for all of us.

They did their parts for the wedding (I was worried), which was very beautiful, even though Levi had a frown on his face he did not complain about his job at all!


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It was an exhausting weekend because we made it so. But I would not have had it any other way!

As soon as we got back to California we didn’t stop. We went straight to Sea World for more fun! (And because I might be crazy!)


My kids were quite excited to be back in Sunny California and able to run around Sea World touching fishies and eating cookies!

Today is back to reality. School, Ranch and House Work. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are loving life!


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