The Wait Is Over

After months of waiting on the word from the man, Travis finally found out where they are transferring him/us to.

The verdict is……..


No matter where it is, he isn’t exactly thrilled. Up rooting our family and moving all our stuff (it’s a lot of stuff) across states isn’t exactly ideal. We have been in Anza forever! Selling the houses that he loves soo much. But it’s all going to be ok. We will be together. Experiencing a new way of life together and beginning a new life in a new place as a family!

Soon we begin our new journey, in a new place, with new people, new schools and a new neighborhood. I’m excited! By soon, I’m talking beginning of summer. Travis will go ahead of us and the kids will finish out their school year. We will be traveling to Texas in the next week or so to look at houses and hopefully finding the right one for our family. We know what neighborhoods we are interested in and have houses in mind that we really like.  With the hopes that our house sells quickly, this should all go smoothly. Even if it doesn’t sell quickly, we have to go and we will figure something out. If you’re in the market for a 40 acre ranch, let me know!

Today will be a day filled with phone calls, lots of scanning the internet and packing! All that on top of home schooling and Delylah getting sick. Again…. She did have a good healthy run though!

Lucky for me I know that I don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward!

Remember, Don’t dwell on what went wrong or what is going wrong. Focus on what to do next and spend your energy on moving forward!

Happy Monday People!


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