The Unusual

The sun is almost up, which means the kids will be up soon too! Of course I have extra kids per my usual weekend routine.
After a very fun Friday, I have some clean up to do this morning…also per my usual weekend routine. But I will tell you what’s not usual about my weekend…
Both of my kids will be having a sleepover at their friends tonight.
I will be packing a bit more…I have 5 boxes packed. I know that’s not that much but in the grand scheme of things it’s a good start.
My fun night of drinking might have me ending up with a terrible time hiking today!
I get to go hot air ballooning for my birthday with Travis and some of my best friends. I love doing something different and new every year for my birthday.
I hardly have any animals now. Just chickens, dogs and cats. My feeding and pen cleaning on the weekend has drastically changed.
While a few things are remaining the same, usual, old thing this weekend most of them are unusual for us. Always a fun adventure!
What’s your weekend going to be like??


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