The Time Has Come

It is our first Halloween here in Texas. I was excited just because I love Halloween. It was different from what we are used to because we had a tradition set with our best of friends. Driving together down the hill. Having dinner. Pictures. Then trick-or-treating together until the complaining started. This year, there was a lot of firsts for us. First time decorating the outside of our house. First time giving out candy. First time Levi decided right after starting that he doesn’t want to trick-or-treat anymore! It can’t be that time already! He’s only 11! But it’s so different from what he’s used to, he just wasn’t into it. He hit maybe 6 houses and asked if he could go home to be with dad who was giving out candy. I hope by next year he has accumulated friends in the neighborhood that will make it more fun for him.

It was our first year decorating the outside of our house. Which I thought was awesome and so fun! I can’t wait for next year and to be a little more prepared!

halloween-2016-4 halloween-2016-5 halloween-2016-6 halloween-2016-7 halloween-2016-9

Travis stayed back and gave out candy. He said kids don’t knock or ring the door bell. They were scared of the skeleton blocking the doorbell. They just stood there. We have a glass door, not a screen door and we can’t hear much through it. It was nice that he stayed behind, that way Levi was able to go home. Once he did, he loved giving out candy. Maybe that will be more his thing than trick-or-treating here.


We usually dress up as a family but Levi was over that so we all went as something different. They probably wished we went as a family after I picked my costume. They were embarrassed at first but my kids know mommy’s a little different. Little do they know, they are just like me. We had a beautiful Spider Queen. A grumpy Scarecrow and Ace Ventura!

halloween-2016 halloween-2016-2


Even though Levi was over it quickly and it wasn’t our tradition, everyone still had a great time. We went out with our new friends and filled our bags. Delylah got to give out some candy when we got home too. I think both kids enjoyed that more than anything else. Giving instead of getting!

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween night!

Happy November My Friends



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