The Things Kids Say

You know who says the most rash, honest things? Kids! At times we think it’s funny and at other times we find it embarrassing depending on where and who it’s said too. But they are innocent! They say things grown ups sometimes wish they could say but don’t because we have learned manners. Examples-

YOUR BREATH SMELLS – When their great-aunt is coming in for a hug and the words just blurt out of their mouth because…well because it’s true.

I”M NOT EATING THAT – Sometimes we get a plate of food with something weird on it and think the same thing but we have manners so we shut up and eat it no matter how atrocious it is. Kids don’t care. They are not eating that brussel sprout. No way. No how!

IS THAT A BABY IN YOUR TUMMY – You know we have all wondered but never asked. We know now since junior asked. Embarrassing? Maybe just a little for everyone involved except junior.

WHY DOES YOUR HAIR LOOK LIKE THAT? – People now a days have crazy hair styles and colors. I find this an annoying question kids ask. Are kids innocent or just being A-Holes?

WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR FACE? – Referring to a piercing possibly or your smudged make up, a mole, a chin hair. The kids will make sure to draw attention to any of that for you. And then the why questions commence after every answer!

PLEASE STOP SINGING – You can’t sing. Only your little one can get away with telling their older sibling how terrible they sound.

WHERE’S THE REST? – Opening gifts and that’s all there is and then innocently they wonder if there’s more. No adult could get away with saying this. EVER! Some of us might be wondering it though.

IT STINKS IN HERE – Someone may have just dropped a bomb in the toilet or someone’s house just doesn’t smell good. Don’t worry, a kid will let you know and embarrass their parents in the process.

MY MOM LOVES DRINKING WINE – They don’t mean anything by it. They just want to make sure everyone knows.

Kids are innocent in their oblivion. That’s why we love them. Sometimes.

Happy Friday My Friends



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