The Summer Vacation Dream!

My eye is almost completely all better from being stung by a bee! Just in time to go shmooze with Travis’ bosses for the weekend in Louisiana. Although, it would be a fun story to tell with my eye all messed up! It was a little iffy when I had to drive Monday and couldn’t see very well. I was probably a hazard to everyone but we all made it alive. Including innocent bystanders! Go Me!

Our week has been busy, getting back to normal. Or semi-normal. Levi has swim practice daily until August 4th and we began going this week. We went for a couple of days before vacation so he could get a feel for it but now we are really going. It’s an hour and half long so Delylah and I play cards and color while we watch him swim. Today, Travis will get to see him swim and complain about it ruining his summer! Oh, Joy!

That is about our only normal routine since getting back from our big vacation. We have been staying up until 11 or midnight watching movies we have never seen. I let them sleep in until they have just enough time to be ready to go to swim. After swim they play video games, we swim more at home, clean, eat, play more cards and board games and have neighbor kids over. We do some crafting and painting. There is no real routine except for swim at this point.

It’s summer vacation!

A lot of parents (whether they stay home or not) still have a set bedtime and schedule because it’s important. I know it is. It’s also important to fly by the seat of your pants sometimes and let the rules go out the window. We still make it to our obligations. On time or early even. No one is getting hurt and I still have my sanity. Which is one of the most important things about summer vacation. Mom maintaining her sanity without copious amounts of alcohol (there is still some alcohol involved) or fits of rage induced from unhappy children.

So, I would say, we are living the summer vacation dream at this point! You don’t have to like the way I do it, agree with the way I do it or even talk to me. Most people around here don’t anyways.

My kids like me. My husband does too(he doesn’t like how late we stay up though). At least that’s what they tell me so I’ll take it while I can get it!

How is your summer vacation going?


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