The Sickness Never Ends

We are on our final stretch of school before Christmas Break!

Of course today the nurse calls from Delylahs school and she has a temperature of 102 and an unbelievable amount of boogers. She left the house this morning perfectly fine and snot free. But this is my little girl. 2 weeks ago she had a fever all weekend but with no other real symptoms. She is just super special like that.

Report cards come out this week and both kids have all A’s and B’s. I am very proud of both of them and how hard they have worked so far this year.

We are all ready for Christmas and this year has been stress free and very easy. Most of the gifts were from Amazon. Most of the gifts are already wrapped. I planned on wrapping today but then got the call to pick up little miss. It’s a little easier because Levi no longer believes in Santa and my kids hardly ask for anything. I don’t buy them tons of gifts that they never asked for and won’t get used or played with. I make it easy on myself and get them what they wanted. It’s usually what will be played with anyways.

Over the weekend we attended our very first Ugly Christmas Sweater/Cookie Exchange Party! It was super fun! All the kids had a great time, maybe not as much fun as I had though.

I decided to host the family Christmas party this year. It’s far for every one to travel to so we are waiting until January, after the holidays to do it. It will be fun whether anyone shows up or not! Christmas is more about being together making memories than getting gifts. Giving the gift of a memory is more than I could ever ask for!

Now that Delylah is sick it puts a damper on our weekly plans and activities. We planned on doing some cookie decorating for our 25 days of Christmas Activities and Movies tonight but I don’t think we want to spread her germs any further. We are all so lucky that we usually don’t get what she has. Instead we will focus on the movie, soup for the soul and relaxing. After my Saturday night shenanigans I could use another day of rest. 1 day of recovery is never enough!

I hope this week flies by! I am looking forward to no more 5 am wake ups!

Happy Monday My Friends



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