The Reality Of Summer Break

With only 8 days of school left I can’t help but be excited for the end. The end of 5 am wake ups. The end of grumpiness in the morning. The end of packing lunches they may or may not eat. It brings us to our awesome road trip, that will undoubtedly bring grumpiness. Finally being able to swim and enjoy the pool.

I have this idea of how summer will be. Sleeping in. Game nights. Picnics. Swimming. Hiking. Checking things out here in Texas. Camping. When I think about it, the reality hits me. It will be nothing like that.

My kids will still get up early as all hell.

I won’t be able to go to yoga except when Travis is home.

They will surely complain when I take them camping. At least Levi will.

No matter what we do, they will still be bored. 

We will have picnics but there will be bugs. Bugs everywhere!


We think we are gonna have time for cool stuff like hanging out but Levi has Swim Practices. A lot of swim practices!

Summer is supposed to be mean zero obligations but the chores will still be here and the kids will complain about helping me. Bills still need to be paid. Someone still has to adult. That just sucks!

Doing “things” costs money. They will want to do things constantly. We will be poor!

I have plans. Plans to paint the fence. Paint the inside of the house. Finish Levi’s bathroom. Replace some lighting. I will be happy if I complete one of these, just one!

We don’t have enough friends to actually do any of the things we want to do with other people. And people have lives and jobs. My kids will have to learn to love each other a little more. Or hate each other a little more. I don’t even care which.

What I expect to happen over Summer and what will happen are two entirely different things. At least I am going into it already knowing that. My glass is mostly full still. Half with water and 1/4 with air. I’m doing pretty good. No matter what the summer brings, we will be together with the bugs, the chores, the pool and wine!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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