The Past Week…

We had a very busy first week of school.

Delylahs bus in the morning was late everyday! Sometimes not arriving until 8am and school starts at 8:20. I was taking her to school, which I usually don’t do. To top that off, it was late every afternoon. One day she didn’t arrive home until 5pm! The bus is supposed to have her home by 4pm. It was quite ridiculous. We are hoping for a better bus schedule this week.

Levi has off campus swim everyday and I have to pick him up at 3:30. My goal is to be back home by 4pm or sooner to get Delylah off the bus. Luckily her bus has been late but it makes for a lot of running around. We have been fortunate to have made friends and are able to take turns getting the kids from swim so I don’t have to pick them everyday and neither do the other moms. It’s been working out quite well. I don’t know how that will go while Travis is at work but I’m sure I will figure it out. I always do.

We spent the weekend hanging out. I took Delylah and her girlfriend to the mall and Travis and Levi had Daddy/son time. Us girls made Build-a-Bears for National Teddy Bear day and treated ourselves to some candy before coming home to play some more! That same night Levi got to head to the movies with the neighbor boys for one of their birthdays and had a great time with his buddies.

Sunday was all about Travis’ buddies. But not before we got our flu shots. I’m sure everyone could hear Delylah screaming “You’re hurting me, Just let me go,” all through the CVS inside of Target as we tortured her with a flu shot!

Travis’ buddies were also transferred from California to here and this was my first time meeting any of them. The kids weren’t asking constantly to leave and the weather happened to be beautiful. It was surprisingly not humid at all! The kids were catching butterflies while most of the grown ups watched football and gabbed.

The weekend and first week of school were a success!

We started Monday off right by buying a car! Travis’ car has been very good to us and is still good to us but is getting older with a lot of miles (300,000) and it was time for an upgrade! I am so happy for him to have a new, reliable car to get to and from work!

I got my workout in. Leg day! The house and pool are clean and I’m blogging for the first time in a week!  We have taken Monday by the horns and shown it whose boss and it’s only 11am!

It might be Monday but if you get up, get started and keep going, it’ll be over before you know it!

Happy Monday My Friends


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