The Next Chapter

Here we go.

The beginning of our new life journey. Travis and I head to Texas to look at homes and decide where the next stop on our adventure is going to be. I am excited to look at all the places that are possibilities for us and check out the town where our kids will continue to grow. They are not excited but hopefully after our trip and finding all the fun stuff there is to do there, they will start to be a little excited about our new life adventure.

It was a late night with the morning coming in a little too hot! Never the less, here we are. Taking our life day by day and approaching the terminal with a plan. A plan that will keep our family together and stronger than ever.

When you take on a problem together, as a unit, each person ends up appreciating every step that much more.

Here’s to the next chapter in our story. I think it’s going to be a paperback but a hard cover is more appealing.

Happy Thursday My Friends

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