The Most Fabulous Of Fridays!

Being that it’s the last day of the month and it’s Friday, let me tell you how Fabulous it is!!!

Let me just start by, It’s Friday and this week has felt very long. I don’t know if it’s the amount of stuff I tried to cram into it or am still trying to cram into but Friday brings sweet relief to my cramming and that feels FABULOUS!

Today I will endure my first Hot Yoga Class. I’m nervous but so excited at the same time. I have been having major allergy issues and hoping for the Hot Yoga session to be like a detox and kick-start my sinuses into feeling fabulous!

I entered the Chili Cook Off/Hoe Down at Delylah’s school and am almost done making things for the booth. It was slow going because I took on the biggest project first but I only have a few things left to make. I’m excited for my booth to take shape! It feels Fabulous to be almost done!!!!

I began working on Delylah’s Bathroom. Another slow going project. But I do have her cabinets done now and that alone feels Fabulous and makes the bathroom look 10 times better!

My garden has many things sprouted and growing but I can actually see peppers, tomatoes and zucchini! I can’t wait to eat the fruits and veggies of our labor!

Everyone woke up at my house in a Fantastic mood. Me at 5am, 5:30 am for Levi and 6:15 for Delylah. It’s early for kids but they were both in great moods and ready to take on the day! Everyone is feeling Fabulous!!! Let’s hope when they get home from school they still have that attitude!

I feel like I’m finding my niche here. Taking my time, making mistakes along the way, creating and finding the things that I want to do that make me happy and keep me busy. They may not include a lot of people. They may not be right and I might change it all in a few months but right now I’m figuring it all out and am feeling better than I have since we moved here. So today, I am feeling fabulous!

Wine…Wine is fabulous. And so is GOOD Vodka. Not everyday. Not all the time. But when I need it and want it, it’s so Fabulous!

My pool is warming up all by itself! Finally! I can not begin to tell you how Fabulous that is! It went from 66-70 degrees over night! Thank you Texas heat! I really dislike swimming in a freezing pool!

What has you feeling Fabulous today?


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