The Hectic Ranch Life

Being home and getting back into normal life, especially since I’m just about healed, has been crazy hectic! I want to go back on vacation!

Everyday has been so busy. I am definitely not having a problem getting back to my old self. The problem so far is falling back into the routine we used to have. On vacation we were up until 11 or 12 and up at 8 or 9. That is definitely not conducive on the ranch. I’ve got to get that under control and stop having so much fun! Maybe I’ll try to work on it. (Maybe) It’s after 8 am right now and my kids are both still sleeping! I am thinking of jumping on their beds to wake them!

After our horrible chicken massacre I went out and replenished our flock. We now have 31 chickens and 7 ducks. So of course the first day we got those we had to dig a pond and do some fixing on the run part of the coop. The kids absolutely love having ducks! It’s my first time having ducks and I can’t wait to have some duck eggs and cook some christmas duck!

We have also found the culprit for the death of our chickens. A pack of neighbor dogs. Of course talking the neighbor has done nothing for us and the dogs continue to come back and fight with my dogs. Luckily my dogs  have been good at warning us when they are here and then my shot gun is good at warning those dogs of whose the boss!

School is also fast approaching and I am actually growing excited to home school Levi. I may not be the smartest page in the book but I know he can be given the right tools and I think this will give him the opportunity to think outside the box and enjoy learning again!

Gotta get to that Ranch Life.  Until Next Time!


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