The First Thankful Thursday Of The Year!

It is the first Thursday of the year. You should know that means….

It’s A Thankful Thursday!

Yes, I never get tired of posting these. There is always something to be thankful for no matter how mundane you might think it is.

Travis and I went and priced carpet for the upstairs yesterday and got the paint to start the kitchen. I am so thankful that he is on board with wanting to fix the little things (although expensive) in the house and puts his input in.

We make decisions together and follow through with those decisions together. I am thankful for that.

I started the “Joy Jar” for the new year and Delylah is all about adding her happy moments everyday to the jar. She gets the importance of it and loves being involved with it.

My dogs don’t try to get out of the yard. This might sound dumb but they were used to 40 acres with no fence and no boundaries. They wandered everyday but also came home everyday. Now we have .28 acres with a 6 ft wood fence and the big dogs never have tried to dig out or get out once. Jack (our little shorkie) dug out to play with someone elses dog a couple of times but we quickly remedied that. It’s nice to not have to worry about the dogs getting out and possibly hit by a car.

My kids are both up early today and in great moods! Heading back to school must have been just what they needed! They aren’t fighting anymore and the mornings and afternoons are so much smoother. (I should knock on wood)

I am thankful we have new batteries for ALL the smoke alarms. When we moved in they were beeping like crazy and last night 1 dang smoke alarm kept Travis up. They will all be getting a good battery replacement today.

Costco. We have a membership and I am so thankful we do. Since moving here we had to start buying drinking water. Which is weird for us. The water that comes from the tap smells like chlorine something terrible and there is no way we will be drinking it. Also, after moving here one of the dogs started having diabetic tremors. We switched dog food to some that only Costco sells and she is all better now! Buying things in bulk like toilet paper, water, dog food and kids snacks has been so helpful.

I got Delylah’s birthday invitations done yesterday and they came out so cute! She is super excited to give them out at school today!

These may sound weird to some but I am Thankful for all the things in my life. No matter how small!

What are you Thankful for Today?


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