The First Thankful Thursday In 2018

2017 seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. Here I sit in 2018, with my kids still on Christmas break. With a temperature of 22° in Texas, a place I never really saw myself living. No ranch life. No home schooling. No dirt roads. All replaced with in door public schools with graduating classes reaching upwards of 1000 kids. Swim teams. Soccer teams.  Traffic lights. Yoga. Bee Keeping. A different kind of life. A kind of life that if you’re not used to, seems foreign. A life that no matter what has happened or will happen, I am thankful for. Thankful for everything that has happened along that way that continues to help mold me and my family into who we are meant to me.

I am thankful for remorse. No matter what kind of wrong doing my kids do or I do, we all feel remorse. I think remorse is a good quality to have. It keeps you from continuously doing what made you feel that remorse. It means you have compassion.

I am thankful for all the people who have shown their true colors along this journey called my life. Every bit of it. Not all of life is easy. Not all of it is hard and not every person we call a “friend” is truly that. The ones that have stuck by me through the bull shit and drama. The move and less communication. Me changing because that is what happened after moving, we changed. And the ones that talked their version of shit. They helped me weed out who didn’t belong. The good, the bad and the ugly. I’m thankful for all of them. They have all helped me in some way.

My dad is here to visit. I am so thankful he is here. We are able to have him here for Delylah’s birthday yet again! He was here last year for her birthday too. I plan on getting my surgery done while he is here and hopefully taking some small 3-4 hour road trips to see some parts of Texas that we have been wanting to see. The Alamo, Enchanted Rock, Davey Crockett Museum and some parts of Austin. I doubt we will fit all of that in but it will be nice to at least go see one thing with him!

I am thankful for the dog groomer. We got Jack almost 3 years ago now and when we got him he was a mess. His hair was long and his eyes were weepy. I was grooming him myself and doing a terrible job. I started getting him groomed in California before we moved. Since moving to Texas I found this amazing groomer who has a plethora of information and informed us that Jacks eyes were weepy because he was allergic to grains. Once we switched his food, his eyes stopped weeping. She takes such good care of Jack and is always giving us new information to help us with him. Plus, Jack is always getting into some smelly stuff! He is one stinky Shorkie! I’m so thankful he has his very own groomer!

Goldfish. The snack that smiles back! Yes, this is a weird thing to be thankful for. But my kids are snackers. The Goldfish company was smart. They made a giant box for 7$ that lasts for a while and are whole grain. My kids are always snacking on something but Goldfish are always a hit. Not just with my kids but when their friends come over too!

I am Thankful Delylah is not sick at this moment!

Travis. I am thankful for Travis most of all. He misses holidays, birthdays, kids sports games and activities, trips, gatherings, surgeries, doctors appointments. He misses everything so he can provide for us, support us and give us the best life he can. He does it all without a thought. Without a doubt in his mind that we would be ok. He does everything he does to take care of us as a family. If it wasn’t for Travis, we wouldn’t have this family. It’s not about things or money. It’s about being together. Travis’ transfer for work has brought our family closer together than ever before. Travis has brought our family together. I will always be forever grateful and thankful I have him in my life!

What are you Thankful for at the beginning of 2018?


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