The First Day

Since the littles decided to get up at 5:15 and wake me up, I hope they are super excited when I do it to them tomorrow! Vengeance is and will be mine!

Happy Saturday!

I suppose they were preparing me for what the rest of spring break will be like. That’s just how much they love me. Delylah got to have a buddy over and spend the night. Great beginning to spring break for her. Or was it? Girls are crazy! I knew I’d have it rough when she was a teenager but she’s already so dramatic. I am not looking forward to the teenage years. Listening to 2 girls compete over everything and point out the silliest things to each other gets so annoying! Here is some of what was said during my day yesterday coming from either girl.

You weren’t invited so you can’t go.

I don’t want to play that.

Can we just go to bed? (Only they weren’t tired and drove me crazy!)

I’m better at picking up trash than you are. (this one made me laugh)

It’s ok, I can help you if you be nice.

(They bumped heads) She bumped my head on purpose because mine hurts more than hers!

I’m not sick I just have a cough.

That is disgusting! (after they ate half of it)

Delylah did teach her friend to ride her bike with no training wheels. She just learned last weekend from her friend. It was super cute but of course the girls had things to say to each other over the bikes as well…

The bike does whatever it wants. How come it doesn’t listen to me?

I can ride faster than you because I’m older than you.

Of course I let them talk their shit. They are only 6 and both dramatic little girls. They are friends that make each other cry but also have a ton of fun together.

Yay for the first day of spring break riding bikes, painting, movies, good food and arguing!


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