The Excitement Of A Lesson

My kids have been asking to go to LegoLand, Disneyland, Universal Studios…anywhere. They don’t care where, as long as we go to one of them. (especially now that we are moving away) Just to get into any of those places is expensive as all hell.

I have told them for months if they save all their change/money they get, we will turn it into cash and if they each collected enough for their own tickets we would go. That time has come. They have both collected massive amounts of change from everywhere and saved all their chore and birthday money. Now they need to decide which place to go and we can spend a day having fun!

By doing it this way I think they will appreciate it more. They are paying for themselves to go where they want. A lesson they have learned young and didn’t fight me on. I’m excited to go. Minus all the people and still needing money for food, the kids learned a valuable lesson and deserve to reap the benefits from it!

When trying to teach your kids a lesson remember when you tell them they tend to forget. If you teach them they have a chance of remembering. If you involve them they will learn!

Happy Wednesday!


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