The End And A Beginning

I can not believe the year is already over!

I feel as if we just celebrated Delylahs birthday and yet we are getting ready to celebrate it again. Like I was just surprising my best friend with a visit in California for Mother’s Day.

But here it is. The last day of 2017. The beginning of a new year.

Today is a day people begin to make resolutions and look back on previous resolutions that were either conquered or over looked. People will be looking back on 2017 and reminiscing about it being the worst year ever (people say that about every year) or the best year ever. Just like last year, I don’t think 2017 was terrible. Terrible things might have happened but they didn’t make or break my entire year.

We were able to travel back and forth to California a lot.

I went to New York for one of my best friends weddings and had a blast!

It was a really hard beginning of 7th grade for Levi but everything that has happened with him has brought us closer.

Travis moved up at work.

Yoga has become a big part of my life and helped me deal with being apart from my family and friends.

We made some good friends this year. Unfortunately, some of them are getting transferred and moving very far. But I am grateful for the time we have had and for the experiences we got to have together.

Money has been tight this year…

Delylah had surgery this year. While it hasn’t helped her sickness’ yet, hopefully it will prove to have been a good decision in the long run.

Our family, as a unit, has grown very close.

I think the worst things to happen in 2017 were still adjusting to life in Texas, which we are still doing. How can that be so bad though when it is what’s bringing us closer together?

At the beginning of 2016 I started a joy jar. A jar that we put notes in. Notes of good things, bad things, anything that happened that we deemed worthy of remembering. At the end of a year you seem to only remember the really big stuff or the really stupid stuff. So tonight we will go through the joy jar and reminisce on what really happened over the course of the year. I’m excited to see what all was put into the jar. Things like “lost a tooth on this day.” “Had an Unbirthday Party.” Things people forget about.

No year is a bad year. There’s only bad moments. I don’t make resolutions. I just try to live my life day by day and be the best person I can be to myself, my family and to others. I don’t need a resolution for that.

We won’t be partying tonight to bring in the new year. We don’t have any concrete plans at all. Last year, Travis was at work so the kids and I just played and went to the movies. I think we might end up doing that again this year only Travis is home with us this time.

How was your 2017 and what are your plans for bringing in the new year?



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