The Easter Change

This year, our Easter was far different from anything that we have ever done.


Change seems to be occurring all around and at a constant pace. With the holiday fast approaching and my lack of enthusiasm to create a grand feast for my kids and myself, I was not really stressed by it but rather felt that it would fall into place as it was supposed to. Usually, that would mean me figuring it all out last-minute and making a trip to the store.

As luck would have it, I was right. Everything fell into place as it was supposed to and it didn’t include me making dinner.

Delylah started soccer and one of the families invited us over for their holiday feast. I accepted their invitation with a strange feeling. We don’t really know them, having only met them a couple of times at soccer. What if they were only inviting us over to be nice and didn’t actually expect us to accept? It didn’t matter because I had accepted and we showed up!

Of course this is out of the ordinary for my family and Levi loathes being anywhere new or with new people. Despite the fact that they don’t have a child his age, he remained self entertained for quite a while and didn’t turn into a pubescent sourpuss until the end. I felt like it was a wonderful experience. Delylah tried new foods she never had and she loved them. We had stimulating conversations and the younger ones seemed to play and get along well.

While this isn’t Levi’s thing, it usually isn’t mine either. But by embracing a change and showing my kids that it’s ok to do something different will hopefully help them grow and step out of the box of the “ordinary.”

Everything will not always be the same. Being ready to accept a different outcome and having a positive attitude is key in growing up.

Happy Monday Friends


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2 thoughts on “The Easter Change

  1. Sometimes we need to entertain invitation from the other people. You’ll never know they might be the one you can be friends withe for the rest of your life.

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