The Dramatic Girl VS The Dramatic Boy

In the kitchen with Travis while he makes our family a lovely dinner (he enjoys cooking and is very good at it), we hear screaming from Delylah who sounds as if she may be hurt. Is she? No. She was getting eggs from the coop and dropped them all. They broke. Devastation! Humiliation! Heart Break!

Girls aren’t always so dramatic. In fact, I remember when Delylah was far less dramatic about everything. The older she has gotten the worse the dramatics get. I am not looking forward to teenage years with this beauty at all! She has a sweet disposition most of the time and still likes to love on me….surprisingly. When I was pregnant with her I so desperately wanted another boy but was blessed with having one of each. The good thing about that is I can see the differences between a boy and a girl and then I can write about it. So here I go. The dramatic girl vs the dramatic boy….

She drops the eggs, breaks them and life is now over. Levi has dropped the eggs before too. He could care less. He tells me he’s never getting the eggs again. Still a little dramatic just different.

When she falls riding her bike life is over…again. Scream crying. Talking while doing so and you can not understand her. When Levi falls, he kicks his bike. Yells at his bike and says he’s never riding it again.

Delylahs friends are sometimes mean. I unfortunately can not choose their friends. But when they are mean she cries and caves to their demands so they are nice to her again. When Levi’s friends are mean, Levi turns into a crazy person. They make fun of him, he loses his shit and will go after them threatening death or extinction. (yes he says he will make them extinct…he reads a lot)

If we make a dinner that neither one of them likes very much Delylah will cry and cry but eventually eat at least some of it. Levi will eat it while gagging and complaining about how disgusting it is.

I can not be the only one to always be cleaning. Unfortunately for the kids they sometimes have to help out. This is one area where Delylah is less dramatic. She will help me clean up anything and be happy she is helping me. Levi acts like I’m a slave laborer and I hate him because I asked him to take out the trash and make his bed.

Delylah enjoys doing her school work. So does Levi. But when Delylah doesn’t understand something or feels like she can’t do it she acts as if that’s the end of the world. Crying, saying she can’t do it and won’t do it. Striving for perfection with your studies can be difficult. When Levi is faced with the same struggle he gets pissed but then has a whatever attitude. It’s just school.

When it’s bed time here at the Hollenbeck homestead is when Delylah is all of a sudden a chatter box. All of the worlds problems come out and she cries about the day. Losing a dollar at school, getting in trouble for talking at school, not understanding the work, daddy leaving or coming home. Anything to avoid going to bed, so she stoops to being dramatic. Levi just claims he is starving (every night at bed time) but will just read his books and go to sleep.

While everyone out there believes girls are the more dramatic, I can prove other wise. Boys and girls are both dramatic just in different ways. Yes, girls are dramatic about more things usually but boys can hold a stead fast pace with any girl given the right circumstances. Something I have to deal with everyday! The joys of parenthood!

Happy Wednesday my friends. Happiness is feeling good about yourself without needing anyone else’s approval. Be Happy!


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