The Countdown

Today is the last day of STAAR testing for Levi. Thank goodness. The pressure will be gone after he gets home today.
I take that back. He has swim try outs tomorrow. The paper basically says as long as you can swim you make the team but we don’t know what try outs consist of, so I’m sure he will be feeling the pressure. He has been going back and forth as to whether or not he really wants to do it. He started with a “Sure Mom, I’ll do it.” I had to make special plans for both kids to make our day work and he’s going. I believe that once he goes, is on the team and 7th grade starts, he won’t regret his decision.
He has been excited for 6th grade to be over and to move on. It frankly has me a little nervous. Levi doesn’t like change and starting over. 7th grade is a new school. It’s like moving again. He has a positive attitude about it though, so I am staying positive and hoping for the best.
Delylah is excited for 1st grade to be over as well. She can’t wait to be older, be a 2nd grader and has a teacher picked out. I am not familiar with the teachers or procedures at her school. I only know the staff at Levi’s school because he has needed more help academically and his pubescent attitude boils over when authority figures are involved.
The kids both have their end of year parties on the same day. Levi’s is a field trip and Delylah’s is in the class room. They have awards 1 day after the other. That is the last week of school. It will be a busy week for me. Attending things.
There is only 14 days left of school. I don’t know who is more excited about that, the kids or me. I shouldn’t be excited. It’s going to ruin my yoga schedule! We won’t be having to wake up at 5 am anymore and that has me excited. 50% of the time Levi is the grumpiest person in the morning. It is too early for that kid.
No school means more time in the pool, Levi’s birthday and our road trip! All great things to be excited for! 14 days doesn’t seem that long but they are the longest 14 days ever!!!!!
We are counting down. Are you?


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