The Calm Before The Stomping

Waking up to the sounds of silence on this brisk Friday morning.

Okay, not silence. I can hear the cat eating, the heater running and the sound of my fingers pressing against the keys to type. But there are no dogs barking. Loud cars flying by or kids stomping up and down the stairs.

There is a calm in the air. A calm that wasn’t there when I was woken up at 2am by my phone updating.

It is Friday though and I know this calm will soon be gone. Kids will be up in 10 minutes stomping loudly down the stairs. Breakfast and lunches need to be made. I will hear complaints of clothes because it’s cold today and they don’t want to bundle up. But, It’s Friday and all I can think about is sleeping in tomorrow!

The weekend should be relatively calm as well. My dad is here and we don’t really have plans. Delylah has a birthday party but Dad will stay behind watching Levi so we don’t have to torture Levi with roller skating and 7-year-old girls! I think deep down he might like it though.

Calm, quiet, relaxing weekend. Watching movies, playing games, riding bikes if it gets a little warmer. Sounds like the perfect weekend. We probably won’t stick to that plan but it’s an idea. I’d really like to hit the drive in with the kids! They have never been to one and it would be so fun!

My calm, quiet time collecting my thoughts is almost over. In one minute there will be an elephant (Levi) stomping down those stairs with a grumpy look on his face.

Enjoy your Friday My Friends!


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