The Big 1-0

Today my little mister is 10!
As much as he drives me crazy and pushes my buttons he is my number 1 little man!
I can remember exactly when I found out I was pregnant with him. It was September 2004 and I was 20 years old. (and maybe not ready yet) Back then It was not rainbows and glowing pregnancy days. It was hard hormonal times with tons of vomiting!
Then he came!


He was what I thought a big baby at 8 lbs 4 oz especially to come out of my little tiny body. Even as an infant and toddler he pushed my buttons. He had those terrible twos and threes and fours down to a T!
When he started school he grew more into this smart little human. Learning more how to push my buttons. But also how to love immensely, have remorse vigorously and how to be marvelously happy! But also having immeasurable anger at times. As maybe every child does.
Being able to learn from him and learn with each other has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It’s a journey that for me will last my life time.


Happy Birthday to my first born. My only son. My little big man!


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