The Beginning

Home again. The house is freezing. But I am back. Sitting in my comfortable spot. On my computer, writing my blog before my kids have to wake up. Oh, to write from the computer instead of my phone is such a wonderful feeling.

I loved my little vacation away from it all. Kids, animals, chores, school, shitty attitudes, adulting. I probably gained 5 pounds eating all the freshly caught crab that I could and drinking just to drink, not because I was stressed. It all brings me to my next steps in life. Taking care of myself more.

That doesn’t mean I’m not taking care of everyone else. It just means that I am going to put myself ahead of them sometimes. Beginning my work outs again without stopping to help the kids do something. It’s only 30 minutes that they should be able to handle things on their own. Making them eat what I eat. Not making 2 or sometimes even 3 meals just so everyone eats or making something around what they like. Nope….can’t be doing that anymore. Bringing back the obnoxious chore chart that nobody likes but it works and the load should be shared. That includes the yard and the animals as well as the inside of the house.

I don’t think it’s going to be real easy but I do think that it’s going to help us. Help our family grow and be happier with ourselves and each other. Maybe not in the short term of it all but once we all get into the groove of it and doing it together and seeing the outcome of it all.

Every “thing” has to start somewhere. Mine started on vacation.


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