The Beginning Of Our Soccer Life….

We begin our life of Soccer today!

I would love to say how excited I am for this but in all reality, I am kind of dreading it. I was excited at first. I got a phone call from the manager explaining the season and games and everything sounded like it was going to fit into our already busy schedule that includes gymnastics. We were assigned a coach and I received my first team email stating when our first practice would be but that it would be changed to a different day the rest of the season. That different day was going to work perfect for us. The schedule shows practice not on that perfect day. I was told games would be between 9 and 12 every Saturday. Almost all of Delylahs games are at 12 which means she will have to choose between gymnastics or soccer.

She wouldn’t have to choose if the practice was on the day the coach said it would be. I could change her gymnastics day easily. I would have to sit in the pick up line and stay inside the cones, which is terrible but I would do it. I paid a pretty penny for these activities and she shouldn’t miss them if she doesn’t have to.

None of that matters though.

She is ecstatic about starting soccer today! I haven’t mentioned that we will be missing gymnastics this weekend. At this moment she is just super elated that we have family here to watch her play in her first game and that she is actually playing!

So, what does it matter? Really?

This is what Delylah wanted and she is happy about it. I will make it work somehow and we will learn something from it. Like, only do one extra curricular activity at a time.

I don’t know much about soccer. There is a lot of running. A goalie, 2 forwards. Some other positions that I don’t know the names of and you’re not supposed to use your hands. I don’t think Delylah knows any of that so I’m doing a little better than her! We will be learning together.

Diving in head first is what we are good at. Soccer here we come!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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