The Beginning Of A New Adventure!

As if our schedule and routine isn’t busy enough, we decided to add some Gymnastics in the mix!

Delylah has been asking to join gymnastics since before we ever moved to Texas. Back in California I had her choose between Gymnastics, Ballet and Krav Maga. She chose Krav Maga. Which was a wise choice. It was something her and Levi could both do. It made our days long but it was worth it.

I have been researching gymnastic places for a while now and finally found one that I really liked. One that wasn’t competition based. One that also offered dance classes at no extra cost. One that was FUN!

We decided to go with the Little Gym!

Delylah had her trial day yesterday to see if she would like it and she LOVED it! She is a natural! She was not only having fun but learned new things while she was there.

We signed her up when we left and she gets to go on Saturdays from now on adding a dance class whenever she wants!

I can’t wait to watch her learn and grow!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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