The Bedtime Talker

In the past few weeks, every night when I put Delylah to bed she has a something to say about her day. Always, at bed time. She usually always all of a sudden wants water. Suddenly feels sick. Needs to blow her nose and even though she has been sleeping fine in that same room, is scared tonight. The tall tales of a 7-year-old. Not only that, but the actual truths that they spew out of innocence is astounding.

Our little night-time embellished routine has conversations such as this –

The boys at school are so mean to me. I can’t use my words because I’ll get clipped down in class so I just don’t say anything. I try to find them at recess but they hide from me. (I offered many suggestions, she knows my first one is to use her words and she didn’t like what I had to say)

I never get perfect attendance and it’s all your fault. Why can’t you just make me go to school all the time even when I am sick and ask to stay home? It’s not fair I have to miss the perfect attendance party all the time! (I remind her that she has had fevers of 104 and it’s really unsafe to send her to school but she said she doesn’t care. I’m a bad mom for making her miss perfect attendance parties)

At school, they are having a book fair and said I could buy all these books. (She shows me a list with 20 or more books on it) I picked them all out and this what they cost. (I try to tell her that we can maybe get one or 2 books and those people aren’t her mom or dad. We aren’t made of money. They can buy her all they books she wants if she wants that many)

It’s too dark in my room. Can you turn on my closet light and open the door? That’s not enough light either. Can you turn my light on too? ( I remind her she used to have 1, ONE night-light and now she is all of sudden terrified of the dark. I look around and reassure her hoping to keep some lights off but the closet light usually wins)

I didn’t get to meet Great Grandma but I talk to her every night. She’s right over there in the corner of my room. I talk to her and Grandpa and my other Great Grandparents. I stay up with them. My friends think I’m weird when I tell them I talk to my Grandparents that are dead. (Well baby girl, that is a little weird. Maybe don’t tell your friends and tell them all I said hi and I love them…I mean, what do you say?)

*SIGHS* At school today, my friend was mean but we made up. Then I decided to play with my other friends and this other girl was being mean. Why are people so mean? I used my words and told them if they weren’t going to be nice that I wasn’t going to play with them until they wanted to be nice and if you want friends you be nice to them but they laughed at me. ( The struggle of raising a realist is real. She’s too sensitive for it at this age )

Every single night when I put her to bed it begins with the *SIGH* and then her story.

What do your kids do at bedtime?


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