The Apocalypse

Recently all that my son talks about it is the Apocalypse. Not a zombie apocalypse like you might expect from a 10 year old boy but a real one. With deadly gases all over from our ever growing global warming eating away at our o-zone layer. The earth opening up and eating itself. Either he really has a good imagination or he believes this will happen one day.

He is preparing us and asking us a million questions about what we will do, where we will go and how will stay alive. I gotta say, he’s got quite a few ideas already.

We have to get started on our underground shelter and steal some gas masks. Enough for us and our animals. (He even thought of the animals) Also, since most people won’t be prepared and will die, we can take over the local grocery store as our own. We won’t just have 1 shelter either. He says we will have 2. One underground and one up in the mountains that’s fully ready for us with food, water and all the supplies just in case there are other survivors that we need to get away from.

When he first started talking about it months ago, I just assumed he was talking about zombies from video games but then he informed me that he was talking about a real apocalypse and how he “knows” it’s going to happen one day.

If he’s right, we are going to die. We haven’t done any of the things he’s talked about and if that’s what we need to survive we are screwed! I have too much going on with Travis’ job and maybe moving that I’m not thinking about my kids apocalypse. Although I told him if we had to move maybe I’d try to find a house that already has underground shelter. That’s something!

Guess it’s never a bad thing to prepare….unless you want to seem like a total crazy person! He’s only 10 and he’s either nuts or a genius. I haven’t decided yet.

Be Prepared! haha


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