That Damn Elf

I remember when I first heard about the “Elf on the Shelf.” It was from one of Levi’s friends moms at school and how the elf changed her family’s life around christmas time. So much so that she thought about leaving the elf out all the time! He was in 2nd grade. A year went by before I bought into the elf idea. When I decided to do it, it wasn’t to make my kids behave any better really. It was the magic of it all. My kids, especially Delylah, loved finding out where he had moved to everyday and what he had gotten into. Yes, gotten into. He had built a reputation. Our elf is Naughty!

Really, the elf thing has become a pain in the ass!

Of course you sometimes forget to move him then quickly have to come up with someone must have touched him. Right!?

Doing something different every day and every day of every year! Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing well and I get creative but sometimes the elf is not kid friendly….he binges on alcohol from the stress of his job. Him and Barbie are locked inside the dream house….again just letting loose. Luckily my kids don’t ask questions and think it’s all funny.

When does the “Elf Thing” go to far? When you are telling your kids “the elf is watching you so you better be good or he’ll tell santa and you won’t get any presents.” Ya, that’s too far! It goes without saying that your kids should be a good whether it’s christmas or not and if you need an elf to make that happen, sorry to tell you but you already screwed up somewhere.

The elf is more about the magic. The magic that kids see and grown ups lose. Don’t take that away by threatening them with presents.

Happy Elfing!


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2 thoughts on “That Damn Elf

  1. PITA you bet! I forgot to move him today – damn – good thing my kids did knock him off the shelf and touch her with a pencil, so I have an good excuse! I totally say, “the Elf is watching you…” (less the no present part) when they are being naughty. That’s the parent’s reward for all the elfin fun for the kids. But I do enjoy watching them explain to me what the elf did, why, and where he is when I get home.

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