Thankful Thursday And Always

Thankful Thursday is a post I enjoy doing. It gets me thinking and sometimes it’s hard to come up with things I am thankful for when I know I have tons to be thankful about. Gratitude towards life whether you are going through tough/hectic times or you’re riding it high is something that makes you happier even in those shitty times. Makes you not worry about the bull shit or the small stuff. No matter what you’re going through, there is always something to be thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my supportive family. Since I started my blog they read it and vote for it. Travis has been there for me every step of the way. Besides my blog they are always there as well. If I think I screwed up with the kids and am now taking it out on myself Travis is always there to reassure me that our kids are sometimes ass holes. Even if that’s our fault, he reminds me that I’m not screwing up. We are all learning together. As Delylah got better from her sickness I got sick and the kids together are constantly asking what I need and if I feel ok. The love and support that they are always giving me means more to me than they will ever know.

I am thankful for social media. As ludicrous as it is, it helps my family that is far away see photos of us and share in the memories that we are creating. It has helped me get my blog out there. Without social media my blog would not be doing as good. My bestest friend lives far from me and in the past couple months we have sent each other more snaps and face book comments than ever before. When times are hectic and we can’t talk to each other or send texts constantly it’s nice to receive a snap of her night.

I am thankful for Showtime. Yep, even something trivial as a T.V channel. I don’t watch much T.V at all. In fact during the day the T.V is not on until the afternoon and even then it’s what the kids want to watch. But when I do get to watch it my favorite show is on Showtime. Of course it’s not kid friendly so I have to watch after they go to bed, which makes the channel even that much more special. I get to have alone time while watching my favorite! It’s sort of like a win, win for me!

I am thankful our taxes are done! It always takes me forever to do them and I always feel like I’m forgetting something. Now I can file all that crap away and be done with it until next year!

I am thankful for medical insurance. Delylah is always sick. Between seeing the allergists, getting her meds and every cold/flu season. Levi’s therapist and all the medical stuff we went through with him. The time he fell out of the tree house or when she smashed her face open and I made 2 back to back ER trips. My surgery. I couldn’t imagine what all the doctor visits  and medication would cost without insurance. Something people forget about and take for granted. I use our insurance a lot and I am soo thankful to have it!

Take some time out of your day and think about what you are thankful for.


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